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< the instance 1> management scope increases the wholesale business (not to increase funding)

Because a production and the sales automobile spare part's Dongguan A Sole-source investment enterprise (production configuration workshop) productivity is insufficient, sends the production part of order forms outside.
Discusses after the shortcoming company, the shortcoming company according to the elder the experience to suggest it, in does not increase funding in the situation increases the wholesale business in the present management scope.
A enterprise after internal discussion, has used this suggestion, and entrusts shortcoming company charge d'affaires its change procedure. Various Government department's change procedure completes completely in the approximately two months.

< the instance 2> customs look up a factory question solution, the instruction

Signed Consultant with the shortcoming company contract C Corporation (i.e. shortcoming company's customer) to know that B Corporation was accepting the customs to look up the factory, therefore introduced the shortcoming company to B Corporation.

B Corporation was one has established 4 year furnished raw material processing enterprise. It is said this company before entering and being stationed in Dongguan, once many times carried on the investigation, only then decides to enter and be stationed in finally.
But, because General Manager B Corporation's also holds a concurrent post of Hong Kong Enterprise's general manager, located at Dongguan's furnished raw material processing factory owners, if gives 2 Japanese to manage, the movement, also, because in the company has not been familiar with China (Dongguan) the situation Japanese, therefore company's entry, the finance, the service related service give the Chinese the administrative personnels to be responsible completely.
Therefore, when the customs come Zha Chang time, the body has not grasped completely for the high tube's Japanese to company's condition, is unable to carry on accurate dealing with. In this case, C Corporation the shortcoming company introduced that has given B Corporation.

The shortcoming company makes the law is:
First waits the customs Zha Chang result to come out, acts according to the question which looks up to verify the reason again. Based on this, the shortcoming company according to the submission for the B Corporation's schedule, assigns the familiar corresponding service to various departments the expert, carries on the investigation according to the handbook. Has the problem again based on the investigation content analysis the reason as well as solves the question means that sincerely patiently has made the report these to B Corporation. Moreover to the question which must solve completely early has given the instruction, also how to give rise to the similar problem to the present avoid repetition to give in the management instruction.
Its result was the question which the customs pointed out in Zha Chang obtained the smooth solution, when general flower 3 months.

After that the shortcoming company and B Corporation has signed consultant the contract. The shortcoming company to let B between the Corporation internal Japanese and the Chinese a better communication, investigates the record, the council book, the contact document and so on all documents completely provides by Chinese and the Japanese, moreover to the scene to the entry, accountant, the service aspect carries on the investigation, to point out that the question and proposes the solution.

< the instance 3> date is the business organization enters and is stationed in China, to set up the legal person

Japanese Business organization H Corporation after China Trading company from China's manufacturer imported goods, in the Japanese domestic sale. Because China Trading company's profit is excessively high, makes commodity the import initial cost to enhance, causes the commodity not to have the competitive power in the market, H Corporation to fall in a Japanese domestic turnover group.
Regarding this H Corporation had considered enters China, sets up the Trading company after the Chinese Dongguan purchases the product after the Chinese manufacturer exports directly to Japan. But because is not familiar to the Chinese policy, about sets up company's method, the company set up aspect and so on operation after China information to be unable the correct assurance, but had not been able to begin in the company sets up procedural the work.

In this case, H Corporation has found the shortcoming company, and entrusts the shortcoming company to provide for it enters and is stationed in China's related backstop services.

After contract sign, the shortcoming company was clear about H Corporation to enter China's goal, the goal as well as the risk, moreover forecast aspects and so on manufacture which about the sales cost's analysis, the enterprise planned also with H Corporation to carry on the exhaustive discussion, and to went through the application procedure in various Administrative organ the program to propose the plan, formulated the enterprise to start the plan.

At present, this company has set up the company in China, from the Chinese domestic manufacturer purchase commodity, is developing the trade operation smoothly directly successfully.

< the instance 4> The foreign sole ownership legal person closes

Foreign sole ownership legal person F Corporation sets up in 2005.
But the recent years, this company the global environment's influence, the customer volume of order compared to was estimated that reduces large scale, causes the operation objectives which is unable to achieve anticipated, and presents the loss continually.
Although this company's Hong Kong Corporation G Corporation studies goes through a strategic pass shuts the F Corporation's plan, but knew that its closure procedure is very complex, moreover needs 2 year about the time, serious time after also has the situation which the possibility is unable to close, slowly has not been able to begin to go through the closure formalities.

In this case, after G Corporation knows the shortcoming company, will close the procedural request to give us.

The shortcoming company first has submitted the closure procedure program to F Corporation, through and so on has discovered the tax affairs, the entry related question spot with this company's person communication as well as to the account book inspection, proposed the corresponding countermeasure.
Because had fully investigated in anticipation with proposes the countermeasure, the F Corporation's closure procedure carried on smoothly, all closure procedure only uses a half year then completely to handle finishes.

Moreover, about closure procedure charge d'affaires, all companies can complete by no means in a half year. Because it company's scale, the company exists question how many and size, but different, asks respectfully the understanding.
However, if through has one batch to have specialized knowledge's backer's shortcoming company operates, can reduce the time which needs.


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