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Declaration practice provision of service

Business support of problem related to customs clearance business management
The latest customhouse policy, regulations, and analysis
Making guidance of customhouse book that can agree with demand of customhouse
To self-inspect it by the supervisor management method of the customhouse, the system of the corporate, in-house customs clearance management is constructed.
The customhouse inspection is mocking inspected once at half a year, the problem is found, and it proposes the remediation measure.

Declaration practice proxy

The contract registration application, the change, cancel after verification charge affaires who and transfers the factory
The customs supervision relieves the procedure charge affaires
New old equipment import license, mechanical and electrical card and instrument of ratification charge affaires
EDI (electronic handbook) application procedure provision

Physical distribution better business suggestion

Physical distribution better business suggestion
Proposal of cost reduction
Bonded area, physical distribution campus effective use suggestion

Physical distribution better business suggestion

The customs look up the factory, did not know that can have what kind of result? Feels restless!
Imports the equipment to buckle in the customs, enters urgently needed, but did not know how to process?
The factory space is insufficient, must expand but actually could not find the relocation site!
Was deliberating expects transfers the sole ownership, but did not know that who should ask to discuss is only then good?

Accountant tax affairs provision of service

Accountant discussed Annual reckoning book production director, aid
Keeps accounts to act, the tax returns proxy Enterprise income tax, individual tax affairs declare form production director
Monthly settlement instruction Increment duty declare form production director
To corporation's monthly accounting report instruction Enterprise representative office business tax
Each tax on-line declaration procedure Enterprise income tax declaration
Annual audit report and tax affairs audit report

Work law special consultant

The work law specialized advisory group is takes charge of the staff member and partner Law office attorney by me is composed, provides in contract period (above 6 months) in works, the personnel management regarding the goal company and so on legal practice risk services and so on judgment, document manufacture, examination, explanation question.
we take charge of take manage the improvement, the risk evasion, the dispute solution and so on to provide the cooperation comprehensively as the goal.
And we take charge and Japan Law office achieve the system which may consult in the random time, may also correspond the Japanese law, the Japanese Corporation and so on business.

Provides the enterprise the rank application

Provides the enterprise the rank application support

Expert service

Can receive the service which China Law office, the Public accounting firms, Japan Law office provides


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